Foto Burlando

Also the 33rd  Coppa dei Fiori will have validity for the Italian flag being one of the rounds of the Italian Regularity Championship at Media. For precision specialists, the appointment is for Friday, April 12th  at 10.00 am with the delivery of the Road Book, the sporting checks and scrutineering. The start will take place the same afternoon at 15.18 when the competitors will launch on the racing route of 469.02 km (238.24 Friday and 230.15 Saturday) in pursuit of the cars engaged in the historic rally. The race will end on Saturday 13 April at 18.09 when the winner will be announced, capable of being the most accurate on the twelve precision tests (six on Friday for 78.34 km and the same on Saturday for 65.32 km) for a total of 143.66 km of comparison tests. Last year excelled Gardino-Scardella (Autobianchi A112 Abarth) in front of Vellano-Molina (Audi Quattro) who did worse than 118 penalties and Aiolfi-Seneci (Volkswagen Golf GTI) separated by 121 penalties.